Pest Control, a Cheap and Eco-friendly Approach

As a Central Floridian, I’m sure your summer guests are starting to appear as the heat increases.  The real yucky and annoying kind, roaches and ants.  They need refuge from the hot weather and find your cool home a summer retreat.  But be careful before you go buy that bug spray, they are toxic and release VOC’s that can build up in your home.  VOC’s can give you headaches and a plethora of other health related issues. Avoid all that drama and try a more eco-friendly approach.

A couple obvious things to help decrease unwanted pests in your home.

  • Clean often.  Vacuuming and mopping can go a long way.
  • Try not to leave dishes out overnight
  • Seal up those yummy sugary treats, I know I don’t want to share my cookies  with unwelcome guests.

But since I’m sure you’re e a cleanly saint you need some more solutions.

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  • Bugs hate being clean.  Make a soapy water spray and then sneak up on them.  It will kill them, seriously.
  • Just how your cat freaks out on catnip, so do bugs.  Bugs freak out by steering clear of the funky herb.  So place in spots where they keep showing up.  Hopefully these are places not accessible by your kitty, or you’ll have a real wacky kitty on your hands.
  • Boric acid is all natural and deadly.  It comes in powder form, so sprinkle in your invested areas.  Be careful with pets and children because it is toxic.

Have any other eco-friendly approaches to pest control? Comment away… 🙂

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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