Abuelo’s is Muy Bueno!

Abuelo's RestaurantHere I am, talking about food again. Mexican food, no less (see this post and this post). But I just have to because I’ve discovered–a few months ago, actually–another really great restaurant for Mexican food. It’s called Abuelo’s, there are only two in the state of Florida (the second is located in Lakeland), and yes…it’s in Kissimmee.

So why do I like this Central Florida Mexican restaurant so much? Well firstly, it’s a really festive atmosphere. More than just your average, boring dining room Abuelo’s is like an outside haven with foliage and fountains!

Abuelo's Restaurant in Kissimmee
Secondly, ummm…the food! Just look at this plate of fajita yumminess (steak & chicken), joined by rice and beans. And pretty reasonably priced at about $12.

Abuelo's Restaurant in Kissimmee

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say they have the best food ever, and certainly not the most innovative, but in a city where good Mexican food is rare to find, Abuelo’s is worth the trip out to Kissimmee. But you’d be best to check-out the menu for yourself before heading out there.


431 West Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Thursday, 11AM – 10PM
Friday & Saturday, 11AM – 11PM
*No Checks

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