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Last night I had the opportunity to dine at the newly opened The Black Olive in downtown Orlando; I’ve been wanting to try-it-out for a little while now. I’m sorry to say I was pretty unimpressed – well, by a couple of things.

Here’s what The Black Olive’s website boasts:

Introducing Mediterranean inspired Italian cuisine, fresh seasonal cooking, and a stylishly elegant atmosphere, The Black Olive is downtown Orlando’s newest destination for fine wines and exceptional dining.”

Firstly, the place was dead when I and the group I was with enterted. I’ll forgive that since it was a Wednesday night, plus the place got a little more crowded as the night went on. I just prefer a place that has a little “busyness” to it.

Secondly, the menu–for me–is very limited. I seem to recall many, many dishes containing mushrooms, and I’m not a fan of those! But it was a small menu with limited options.

Next, the prices were a bit high for me…at least what I was looking for last night. I wanted a casual, more down-home meal and The Black Olive definitely doesn’t offer that. (But I ended-up having a great time because I was with good company.)

Also, the meal took a really, really long time. I would say at least two hours if not more. I mean, it’s great to hang with friends and have a good time but considering the restaurant was so empty–and that most of our party ordered salads–this was a bit unexpected.

Lastly, my food was just not that good. I ordered a classic Caesar Salad and added chicken, like I said – it simply wasn’t good. And honestly I didn’t really know you could mess-up a Caesar Salad. And a $16 salad to boot ($12 for the salad and $4 for the chicken).

Believe-it-or-not there were some things I did like about this downtown restaurant. Like the atmosphere! Since I didn’t have my camera I didn’t get to take any pictures of my $16 salad, but I did snap some photos of the restaurant with my phone (including the one at the top of this post):


There’s also wine displayed throughout the venue, which is a nice touch!

So all-in-all I’d have to say I wasn’t immediately impressed, but hey…I’m willing to give The Black Olive another shot. Maybe sometime in the near future when I’m catching a movie at the new theaters I’ll drop by The Black Olive–located in the bottom of the Solaire–for a bit to eat.

I hate to be a stinker, and I certainly don’t want to keep anyone else from trying out this new downtown eatery. So if you’d like to consider going to The Black Olive you can see what their food and wine menus offer.


22 East Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801


Sorry, Olive, but this kid’s not a fan.

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