The ’09 Hurricane Season is Officially Here

Tom Sorrells Twitter

Not something we here in Central Florida look forward to. I’d actually forgotten all about the start of hurricane season until I saw that Tom Sorrells Tweet earlier today (above). And although we hate to think about it, the smart thing to do is gather knowledge on how to deal with a hurricane, and prepare ourselves the best we can. I’ve often found Orlando Sentinel’s Hurricane Guide to be a valuable tool. (You can download a copy of the PDF by clicking here.)

What do you do to prepare for the dreaded hurricane season? Also, are you the type that sticks around and rides-out the storms? Or do you just get the heck outta here?

…I’m just hoping-and-praying that this is going to be another quiet year….

Updated 1:39PM EST: I just heard a great tip on the radio, on Real Radio 104.1: Take photos or video of all your belongings in the event you would ever need to present them to your insurance company.

2 thoughts on “The ’09 Hurricane Season is Officially Here

  1. Yikes, Hurricane season…always makes me feel sick to my stomach. I usually stick out the hurricanes since most of the time when they are “supposed” to hit they never do…luckily I missed Charlie, I was out of town… it definitely did not miss my place. No power for 3 weeks. Yikes.

    What to do to prepare? Put gas in your car. If you are leaving town and not driving, try to park your car in a garage on a slope. That way your car won’t be hit by a tree and more likely not stuck in water.

    Keep your phone charged and have a backup battery. Buy a generator, they make the whole no power situation a LOT easier. Have a battery operated radio so you can hear what is going on even if your power goes out.

    Other than that the basics, board your windows (go ahead and buy it and have it on hand. Closer to the hurricanes it ALWAYS goes up in price or the stores run out.)

    Once you are prepared, stop worrying about it. Too much stress. That is my advice πŸ™‚

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