The Crystal Method at House of Blues

The House of Blues venue at Downtown Disney continues to be one of my favorite places to see live music, and they’re constantly booking really great talent. Last night I went to see a long-time favorite electronica group of mine, The Crystal Method. Unfortunately I didn’t get any video because I’m never quite sure if you can take your camera into House of Blues (I see a “check” table outside, yet I see folks inside the venue taking pictures with cameras) but I did get a couple of great photos with my phone:

The Crystal Method at House of Blues Orlando

The Crystal Method at House of Blues Orlando

In case you’re not familiar with The Crystal Method, here’s one of their earlier videos to jog your brain. You can also follow them on Twitter.

To keep-up with who’s coming to play at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney, register with their site. When you do you’ll get e-mail updates and special deals.

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