Downtown Orlando Street Life

Downtown Orlando is drenched with people watching!

I love people watching. And downtown Orlando provides plenty of material for this hobby.

If you’ve lived in the Central Florida area for any extended period of time, and have spent time in the downtown Orlando area, then you are aware of the growing population of homeless people. Last night some work colleagues and I headed over to a local downtown joint to unwind and relax after the work week, and we spotted this guy creating his own tatoos…with an ink pen. Ouch!

On the Streets of Downtown Orlando

Something about this photo both haunts and inspires me. One thing’s for certain: whenver I see people like this it definitely makes me thankful for the things I have.

7 thoughts on “Downtown Orlando Street Life

  1. Mark, thanks for the shout-out! We are working to return individuals and families to self-sufficiency everyday, and couldn’t do it without community support. Definitely keep encouraging people to get involved in addressing homelessness; we can’t do what we do without them!

  2. @Mark Baratelli Thanks for the links – I’m sure I’ll do a post on both of these organizations at some point in the future.

    Oh…and thanks for the Tweet-out, too.

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