My New Favorite Mexican Restaurant: Agave Azul

agaveazulMy search for the perfect food in Central Florida may be over. Yes, I still love Colibrí; it’s my jam. But last night I went to a new Mexican place with some family members, and I’m still thinking about how delicious the food was.

This place I’m head-over-heels for is Agave Azul and it’s located on the corner of Kirkman Road and Conroy Road, ironically in the old PR’s location.

Believe-it-or-not this is one of the few times I actually didn’t have my camera with me so I wasn’t able to take any photos capturing the atmosphere, but I did manage to take a picture of my burrito when it arrived:

Agave Azul burrito

You really just need to take a look at their menu right now. Sure, you’ll find some “standards” on but one of the things I really enjoyed were the more unique dishes (most of which I’m too picky to try myself!).

The one major drawback of Agave Azul for me personally is the location. While it’s definitely a restaurant that caters to the local community, getting there can result in getting tied-up with the Universal traffic (depending on time). But I think it’s totally worth the effort.

There were also ALOT of kids (Saturday night) which some might consider a “drawback,” but at least that shows the establishment is family-friendly!

If you enjoy Mexican food I really encourage you to give Agave Azul a shot at least once. And if you do please let me know how you like it.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner but you might want to visit their website prior to going just to confirm days and exact times.

Important information:

4750 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32811


6 thoughts on “My New Favorite Mexican Restaurant: Agave Azul

  1. @surina Go, go, go! I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and am somewhat picky. Considering this is in the same location as the old PR’s, too, is quite ironic.

    This is by far some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in the Central Florida area!

  2. i have seen this place, kinda sticks out from the rest of its surroundings, and definitely have been wanting to try it out

    now after reading your review, i must go as well!

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