The 2009 Florida Film Festival

I’m stealing a little bit of information here from our friends over at The Daily City, but I’m sure they won’t mind. Now, I’ve never actually been to any of the events at the Florida Film Festival, but I’ve been a resident long enough to know it’s very important to the Central Florida arts community, and certainly brings some circulation to the local economy. And if you’ve never been either it seems this is the year to go: Glenn Close and Jon Voight are both making appearances, although both are sold out!

Tickets for the festival, which is March 27th-April 5th, are now on sale at the following locations:


Unfortunately, it’s not likely that I’ll be attending any of the screenings (not sure about klynn), so if you do please tell us about it!

UPDATE 2:45PM: Ron Legler, President & CEO of the Florida Theatrical Association, was kind enough to drop by and let us know they do not have an online option to purchase tickets. They may only be purchased offline.

2 thoughts on “The 2009 Florida Film Festival

  1. @Ron Legler Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you clarified, because the “trouble I was having” was finding the tickets for sale online. Wasn’t at first aware that you could only purchase tickets offline.

    I will provide an update for our readers!

  2. I am not sure why you are having trouble getting Film Festival tickets. We are open Monday thru Friday 10AM-5:30PM. We are only a walk in box office and do not have an online application.

    Please call me if you had problems with a visit to our offices.

    Ron Legler
    President / CEO
    Florida Theatrical Association

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