Bento in Downtown Orlando

Although I don’t really care for sushi, I am a big fan of Japanese food (see “A Japanese treat: Bikkuri Noodle Sushi Grill Lounge”, “Sushi, or not sushi”). So when a friend and co-worker suggested we visit Bento Cafe in downtown Orlando I was certainly up for it!

Bento is in the heart of downtown Orlando in The Plaza, corner of Orange Avenue and Pine Street, tucked in the back. A cute little cafe, Bento allows guests to order at a walk-up counter, with table delivery.

The atmosphere is really welcoming and quaint, and the menu pretty diverse. I can’t attest to the dinner offerings but the lunch items looked appealing. I will say it’s not the best Japanese food in the world–or even downtown (see previous posts mentioned above) but it’s definitely a good option thrown into the mix of “tired and old” eateries downtown (i.e., Wall Street).

I took a few snapshots of the food at our table:

Bento in downtown OrlandoBento in downtown OrlandoBento in downtown OrlandoBento in downtown Orlando

And the dining room….

Bento in downtown Orlando


The Plaza

151 N. Orange Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801



8 thoughts on “Bento in Downtown Orlando

  1. they have a new location on restaurant row! haven’t been yet but they are right next to jalexanders and a few other new joints!

    i love bento 🙂 great food for cheap and plus u can park for free there!

  2. @Ross Smith There are many places in the downtown area to eat…true. And yes, you should definitely try Bento and make up your own mind. Like I said, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but pretty decent.

  3. In the month of October I visited Orlando with my family but I didn’t try Bento but by reading your article I think I should try it next time. But I must say there are so many places in Downtown Orlando where you can find many more delicious dishes with different cuisines.

  4. I LOVED!!! Bento Cafe. I went with Priscilla, Trevor, Andrew, and Casey the last day I was in town in January. I totally loved their creamy spicy chicken over noodles. It was sooooooo good 🙂

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