Winter Park Hates Pets, but Loves Art

Looking for something to do next weekend … how about the 50th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival?


Not sure if this was always the case, but the Festival’s Web site makes a point to mention (rather abruptly), NO PETS ALLOWED IN THE PARK!

The Festival begins along Central Park on Park Avenue Friday, March 20, and runs through Sunday, March 22.



  1. WP loves pets (see election results) and art. A more appropriate title for your post would be like that statement Michael Douglas made to Charlie Sheen in the movie Wall Street. “[Winter Park] loves animals, buts hates [other] people.

  2. @BGS, I just found it comical that the poster had it printed so large, as though last year’s event was like a dog’s day at the park. If you’ve ever been to the Art Fest, you know you’d be out of your mind to bring your pet anyway, but it’s fun to make a goof on a city who actually considered making it mandatory for people to leash their dogs at a dog park. Thanks for reading!

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