Winter Park Hates Pets, but Loves Art

Looking for something to do next weekend … how about the 50th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival?


Not sure if this was always the case, but the Festival’s Web site makes a point to mention (rather abruptly), NO PETS ALLOWED IN THE PARK!

The Festival begins along Central Park on Park Avenue Friday, March 20, and runs through Sunday, March 22.

6 thoughts on “Winter Park Hates Pets, but Loves Art

  1. @BGS, I just found it comical that the poster had it printed so large, as though last year’s event was like a dog’s day at the park. If you’ve ever been to the Art Fest, you know you’d be out of your mind to bring your pet anyway, but it’s fun to make a goof on a city who actually considered making it mandatory for people to leash their dogs at a dog park. Thanks for reading!

  2. WP loves pets (see election results) and art. A more appropriate title for your post would be like that statement Michael Douglas made to Charlie Sheen in the movie Wall Street. “[Winter Park] loves animals, buts hates [other] people.

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