ICEBAR Orlando: A “chilling” experience

n124233710485_86743I recently had the opportunity to experience ICEBAR Orlando, one of Central Florida’s newest attractions, for a work-related thing. Never heard of ICEBAR? Well, it’s exactly what you would think it is: a bar made of ice!

Here’s the lowdown on ICEBAR:

  • FREE “Chill bar” lounge. This is not part of the “ice” experience, but it’s still a fun environment to hang in. Anyone can go and there’s no need for reservations.
  • Experience the chill. $30.00 entry includes one (1) Grey Goose Cocktail, fashionable cape and gloves (seen below), and a 45-minute frozen adventure. This is where the action is! Loads of fun for a group or out-of-town guests, but…yes, $30 is a bit pricy.

Here’s the thing about ICEBAR: it hasn’t fully developed it’s “brand,” or who it’s trying to reach in the Central Florida market. I’m going with the tourist population since the venue is located on International Drive, but buzz on the streets is that the bar is hurting (what isn’t these days?) so I would think they need to start some local marketing campaigns, targeting residents. I mean, before today had you heard about it?

ICEBAR Orlando is currently running a web special for 10% off. There’s no specified expiration date but I wouldn’t expect it to last forever.

Here’s what you can expect in the ICEBAR experience:

ICEBAR OrlandoICEBAR OrlandoICEBAR OrlandoICEBAR Orlando

Why not check-out the “chill” sometime soon? Great for a group of friends or family visiting from out-of-town. Here’s some important ICEBAR Orlando information:

8967 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
T: 407.426.7555
F: 407.426.7333
E-mail: reservations@icebarorlando.com

6 thoughts on “ICEBAR Orlando: A “chilling” experience

  1. Hey, come on back, we have lowered the prices, upgraded our nightclub for the local trade and have a Florida Resident special at $9.98 for spring!

    New sculptures, and after this week (if it ever warms up) a new look on the outside and new lights and sound inside.

    It was a great year, and we’re looking forward to keeping it cool.

  2. @akeorlando…Did your lips or tongue stick to the ice glass?

    It sounds like it would be a good time…much better than a fire bar.

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