Orlando’s 25 Most Powerful for ’09

Central Florida blogger peep Hojin published a post today titled “25 Most Powerful in Orlando for 2009”; the content originated from OrlandoSentinel.com. Many of the folks on the list are expected, and are names most Central Florida residents should be familiar with. What’s most shocking is there are only three women making the cut. THREE! C’mon chicks, get in the game and represent!

To view the full list and weigh-in click here.

3 thoughts on “Orlando’s 25 Most Powerful for ’09

  1. The male/female ratio isn’t quite as bad as it seems.

    Well, it is disproportionate, but it’s not something which reflects particularly poorly on Orlando.

    For similar high powers jobs on the national level, women make up:

    * 15.2% of Fortune 500 directors (http://www.catalyst.org/publication/282/2008-catalyst-census-of-women-board-directors-of-the-fortune-500)
    * 16.3% of Congress (http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/2008/11/04/congress/)

    So 12% of high-powered Orlando jobs isn’t far off the national average and the skew can probably be attributed more to the real estate industry which made up a vast part of Orlando’s economy up until recently – an industry where only 12% of jobs are held by women (including the broker/agent sales industry, where they held 54.5% – http://www.sandiegometro.com/2006/jun/coverstory10.php)

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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