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As you know we here at “Pulse of Central Florida” like highlighting folks in the area who are doing some interesting and cool things, that are making an impact. Sometime last year I discovered a Central Florida blogger who has entertained and amused me, and I wanted to introduce her to you. You may know her already. She is Miss Britt and she is a firecracker!

Get to know Britt a little:

Q: You share just about everything in your life with your blog readers. Do you blog about anything that just pops into your head? Or do you think about the content you post on your site ahead of time?
A: Both.  I use an app on my iPhone to jot down ideas for posts on the various blogs that I write for as they come up.  When I sit down to blog sometimes I’ll go through that list.  Other times I turn on the computer and stare at the blank screen with absolutely nothing to say.  And still other times, I try to avoid writing about the things that are plaguing me until I finally decide I can’t move on until I get it out.

Q: You often talk about things some might consider “adult” content. Is this ever an issue with your family (husband or kids)?
A: You make it sound like I write porn!  Ironically, people often refer to the “adult” content I write, but I never write about my sex life.

The bottom line is, no.  My husband has known me along time and nothing on my blog is a vast departure from what he has to deal with in real life.  My parents have always been amazing about seeing me as a whole person, so it doesn’t seem to bother them much.

My kids are too little to read blogs.  Once in a while I’ll show my nine year old a post if I’ve written something for a birthday or something.  My daughter, who is almost four, likes to see pictures of herself and people she knows.  But beyond that, that’s an adult space.   I have no problem telling my kids that some things – like some TV shows or movies – are for adults or just for Mom and Dad.

Q: Your posts consistently get a decent amount of comments. Why do you think that is?
A: Because I’ve been blogging consistently for about three years.  You can’t be a psycho blogger for that long without meeting a few people who eventually stick with you. 🙂

Plus I think I have that whole train wreck quality going for me.  It doesn’t bother me to admit that I haven’t figured things out or that I’m confused or mad or scared about something.  I’m not usually uncomfortable writing about those things – which gives people the chance to feel like they can help, I think.

But ultimately I suppose it’s just a numbers game.  I’m pretty active within the blogging community, I’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of people.  Those people comment.

Q: Do you have a regular blogging schedule?
A: I typically post Monday thru Friday.

Unless I have a reason to post on the weekend.

Or I’m too tired to post on a Tuesday.

I usually write my posts the day or night before and schedule them to go live at midnight each weekday.  But I’ve learned not to freak out if life gets in the way of regular blogging.

Q: Would you consider yourself a Mommy Blogger? If not, what niche do you think you fall into?
A: ACK!  The dreaded “what kind of blog are you?” question!

I hate this question.  Seriously.

*I* think the fact that I have two kids and I blog about my life, which includes those two kids as well as my husband as well as my job as well as lots and lots of other things that we all have going on in our lives, technically makes me a Mommy Blogger.

I think most Mommy Bloggers would rather I did not use their catch phrase. Heh. A lot of my readers like to assure me that I am “not one of those Mommy Bloggers”, which I think is weird.  It’s like they assumed I would be insulted to be called a mom.  I’m not sure what that says about my parenting…

ANYway – I have no idea what kind of blogger I am.  I’m convinced that if I fit into a niche better I could probably market myself better.  But I don’t have the attention span for a niche.  I’m a reality blogger.  Is there a checkbox for that?

Q: Some bloggers might not agree with your having your family so “out there.” What would you have to say to those people?
A: I would say that they probably shouldn’t worry about my family.  I would say that I understand that everyone has different boundaries and that I don’t judge them for having different lines than my own.  And I would, most importantly, say that as long as my family – you know, the people being “put out there” – is aware and comfortable with it that’s all that matters.

I would try to say that without sounding so defensive. 🙂

Q: Is your blog persona different from your everyday persona? Or are you who we see reflected on your blog?
A: Almost every blogger I’ve ever met offline has said the same thing.  “Wow, you’re REALLY like that.”

I don’t have the attention span to pull off multiple personas.  I think that’s probably why my family is so comfortable with my blogging – because it’s exactly what they see on a daily basis.  I talk about inappropriate things in public sometimes.  I fight with my husband in front of my friends if the situation warrants it.  I often speak without thinking and regret opening my mouth later.

I’m not necessarily proud of all that, but I’m not ashamed of it either.  It is what it is and what I is – er, am – is a What You See Is What You Get person.

Q: Does living in the Central Florida area ever influence the content of your blog?
A: Absolutely.  For one thing, my entire blog for a good year was centered around the theme of “wahhhh! Poor me!  I don’t know anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So there’s that. 🙂

But we’re also very active now that we live here.  There is so much to do and we really try to take advantage of that as a family.  That means I have a lot of pictures to share and stories to tell – and not near enough time to tell them.

Q: Who are some of the bloggers you follow?
A: Oh crap.  Did I mention I’ve been doing this for three years?  I subscribe to hundreds of feeds. I read a lot of personal blogs, I read a lot of local blogs, I read photography blogs and professional blogging blogs and beauty blogs and fashion blogs.  I couldn’t even narrow it down to just a list of people I know personally for you because I am friends with a TON of bloggers.

Q: What are some of your favorite blogs?
A: I am a crazy Amalah (www.amalah.com) groupie.  It’s pathetic, really.

Q: What are some of the things you enjoy doing in the Central Florida area?
A: My favorite thing about living here is the beach.  I love going to the beach and playing in the water or sleeping in the sand or walking up and down the shore.

Wait! Crap!  No!  I forgot I’m a travel blogger and write about things to do in Central Florida!

My favorite thing to do in Central Florida is shopping.

Q: Lastly, is dignity really overrated?
A: Yes, I believe that it is.  I mean, that slogan is obviously a little tongue in cheek but it comes from a meme I did on my blog one day.  The point is that Dignity and Self Respect are not the same thing.  People worry a lot about not looking foolish or embarrassing.  And I think that you miss out on life if you spend too much energy on that.

10 thoughts on “People Pulse: Miss Britt

  1. @Terry LOL! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on Britt. Her bold approach at sharing and honesty is why she has such a loyal following.

    It’s great to have her as part of the Central Florida community.

  2. Wow, I am very proud of you Britt. I believe this is a true measure of all your hard work, and bold approach to life as you encounter it. Your mom and I are very proud to see you recognized for your talents, and open minded perspective on life. Keep up the great work, and let us know when you will be on LENO, or whatever television feed is lucky enough to pick you up.


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