New Jimmy John’s Shop in Downtown Orlando

Folks living or working in the downtown Orlando area are craving new places to eat. Case-in-point one of my friends and I decided to check-out the new Jimmy John’s sandwich shop that recently opened in downtown Orlando only to find this:


Fortunately the line moved quickly and we were able to order within minutes. My friend has been raving about Jimmy John’s for weeks-and-weeks (she’s a very picky eater and loves their “Plain Slims” offerings) so I was anxious to experience something new. I ordered the “Billy Club”* with no mustard, tomato, or mayo (hey…I’m picky, too) and added onion and sprouts:


While it wasn’t bad, I have to admit I’m not raving like my friend was. It was actually pretty average, although the portions were very big as you can see. I’m a fair person though, so I’m willing to give it another try. I still love my Pita Pit….

Have you been to a Jimmy John’s before? For additional locations in the Central Florida area click here. If you’d like to see what kind of sandwiches are available you can check-out their menu before heading to one of their restaurants.

* note, when ordering it’s best to order the “number” of your sandwich

2 thoughts on “New Jimmy John’s Shop in Downtown Orlando

  1. This is a great sub shop and I was thrilled when I learned one opened close by.

    I suggest that you get the 7 grain bread instead of the usual sub and, while they’ll create any sub you want, be mindful that changing out the ingredients obviously impacts the flavor they’re selling and that you’re buying.

    Definitely worth it. In fact, I’m headed there now myself!

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