Not Really a “Junkie” So Much Anymore

I’m a big, big fan of Cowboy Junkies.  Have been for years-and-years.  Now…well, I’m definitely still a fan but have to admit my admiration has been lessened a bit (and it’s not the band’s fault).

See Cowboy Junkies are coming in concert to Orlando. I really would like to go but their tickets are upwards of $40 ($36.50 to be exact), and while I’m all about the concerts, times are tough right now and I think that’s a bit much for just “watching a band.” Particularly one that’s been around so long and somewhat quiet in the US market.

So upon the recommendation of another Central Florida blogger and Twitter Tweep I decided to contact the band’s press person, and see if I could leverage “Pulse of Central Florida” as a means to get two (2) tickets. I offered-up pre-promotion, coverage, and post-promotion of the concert to the Central Florida market.

Apparently this wasn’t the best idea. Here’s the response I got from the press person:


…and there you have it. So it looks like I won’t be seeing Cowboy Junkies this time ’round. But if you’re interested you can catch them at The Plaza Theatre on Wednesday, February 11th. You can also get more information about the band by visiting their website


425 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

2 thoughts on “Not Really a “Junkie” So Much Anymore

  1. @Bob Thanks for your comment. I certainly appreciate and respect your perspective and point of view. I suppose I was just “put off” by the lack of interest on the part of the Cowboy’s team.

    Please have a great time at the show, and let us hear about it!

  2. $36.50 is a bargain to see a band the stature of the Cowboy Junkies in a venue that holds only 850 people.
    Check the concerts for the last 3 days including tonight’s in Raleigh NC ALL sold out..and in Raleigh its sold out to standing room only.
    This band could play bigger houses and charge higher prices.
    But they don’t.
    The Cowboy Junkies are some of the best musicians on this planet.I’m driving down from Gainesville with my 2 brothers and sister in law..I’m so excited I can hardly sleep.
    I saw them in west Palm Beach 4 years ago and it was the best concert of my life.and Im 58 years old and have seen BYRDS,Jefferon Airplane,Doors..The Cowboy junkies play with more intensity than anybody..and truly appreciate every hard earned dollar people spend to hear them play.
    Margo goes to the lobby after each concert and personally thanks their fans for coming.
    This band does not rip people off like the Gratefull Dead charging well over $100 to hear a bunch of senile old fools,playing crowd pleasers in venues that hold 30,000 people.
    please feel free to respond to my e-mail..

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