From the Streets (Twitter edition)

This was seen on Twitter earlier today, from user @aliciam (and former “People Pulse” feature Alicia):

Overheard at lunch: a guy had to give back a sick day because his boss saw that his Facebook status said he was wasted the night before.”

2 thoughts on “From the Streets (Twitter edition)

  1. @Claudia Of course! You’re welcome to use it. I was originally inspired by “Overheard in New York.”

    If you overhear something please feel free to send it to us and we’ll post it! I’d like to get more readers involved.

  2. LOL, that’s too funny. Got to be careful with facebook 🙂 BTW, I love this category! Great idea! Would you mind if I incorporate that into my blog at some point in the future? Don’t even know if I can pull it off, but it’s super fun to read those random quotes from the streets…

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