Make Extra Cash …

You’ve probably seen the ads that claim you can make tons of money just for giving your opinion.

I’m sure most of them are a hoax, but I can speak first-hand about participating in focus groups at Orlando’s AccuData Market Research company.

All you need to do is sign up here, and then if AccuData has a focus group that you qualify to participate in, they’ll call you, do a pre-screening and schedule it.

I’ve participated a couple of times, each time I was paid $75 for about 2 hours … not too shabby.

If you’re on Twitter, follow @FocusGroups for nationwide tweets of paid studies.

One thought on “Make Extra Cash …

  1. Upon your recommendation quite some time ago, I signed-up for this. While I’ve never actually gotten to participate in any of the focus groups, I’ve been contacted for about five of them!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of these days I’ll get to do one and make some money.

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