A Japanese Treat: Bikkuri Noodle Sushi Grill Lounge

I’ve got several friends who are big sushi fans. I’m not so much, but I do love Japanese food; I usually tag along with them when they go out. They have a favorite spot they frequent in Winter Park called Sukara but last night we all decided to try a place I’ve been wanting to go for awhile…called Bikkuri*. I can safely say after going there it’s my new favorite place in Orlando!

Even if you know where Bikkuri is located you might miss it if you blink. It’s nearby “little Vietnam” near downtown Orlando, on Colonial Drive (exact information is posted below). The dining area is actually on the second floor of a shopping center strip, so if you decide to pay them a visit just walk through the front door and head upstairs. After browsing through Bikkuri’s extensive menu you’re bound to find something you like.



Post dinner (they’re open for lunch as well) you might have an interest in going across the hall to their lounge. Ultra-cool and definitely unlike anything else you’ll find in the Central Florida area:



Orlando Metromix reviewed Bikkuri and stated it’s more of a takeout establishment with limited dine-in seating, but it looked to me there’s plenty of seating if you want to eat there. They also included a link that is probably more up-to-date than Bikkurisushi.com but unfortunately the link doesn’t work.


1915 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

If you go to Bikkuri anytime in the near future please tell us about your experience! I’d love to hear about it.

* disregard the website; it doesn’t seem to have been updated in quite some time

9 thoughts on “A Japanese Treat: Bikkuri Noodle Sushi Grill Lounge

  1. Is this where you were when I was in town? If so, you are forgiven. Great review! I want/need to go there on my next visit. We will have to plan something.

  2. @Kim You know I’ve driven by China in College Park many, many times and have always wanted to try it. Never have though…. Do they have items on their menu other than sushi?

    @Alicia It’s so odd to me that all these folks knew this place was there “before the renovation,” and as well as I know the Orlando area I wasn’t aware of it.

  3. @akeorlando, looking forward to checking this out. I’m still a big fan of the Sushi at China in College Park, but new places are fun.

  4. @Rick Good stuff to know! I thought it was a brand new place. Hopefully some folks will read our post and go visit. I’d like to know what other people think.

    Have you been?

  5. @Eric Yes, I’ll be at the TweetUp Tuesday. I actually left a comment on your site and as well as a shout-out on Twitter. I’m akeorlando and “Social_Citizen.”

    Looking forward to it.

  6. Glad to see your a fan of Japanese food! As for sushi, is there a certain aspect of it you don’t like as much(seaweed, fish etc…)?

    Anyways, I’m not sure if you are on Twitter or not, but we are having our very first TweetUp this Tuesday for all sushi/Japanese Food loving Tweeters. So if you are free come enjoy some japanese food, tweeting, and networking, along with 10% off your check.

    Check out orlandoichiban.blogspot.com for more info! Thanks again for sharing, I really love the blog and I’ll be back for sure!

  7. The Orlando Metromix review is for the original location on the first floor, with two-three tables. It’s been a takeout sushi favorite in Orlando for many years. That is how this place operated for years.

    Only recently did they expand the building to add the 2nd floor and open the restaurant downstairs. I think yours is the first review of this new place.

    The lounge upstairs is a traditional asian karaoke/sake lounge, brand new to the central florida area. We will have to watch it to see how it catches on.

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