Adventure enthusiasts take note!

I got so excited when I learned–via OrlandoSentinel.com–Central Florida is getting a zipline. Not an adventurer? Not familiar with what a zipline is? Let me acquaint you:

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most adventurous person, but I’m eager to “do more” in 2009, and I’ve always thought going on a zipline would be a blast. So, I’m willing to try out this new Central Florida attraction hosted by Florida Eco-Safaris. I’m imagining the new one here in Central Florida is much more tame than the one in the video (although I know I’d be screaming the entire time). 🙂

Adults can experience the zipline for $85.00; the same cost applies for kids 10 or older who’re at least 70 pounds. I’m sure in an effort to drum up some local business post-opening, Florida residents can get in for $50.00 for the month of January. (Hey, Eco-Safaris, how about letting me and klynn come experience it FREE, and we’ll post our adventures here on our blog?!?!)

For complete information and to find out how you can experience the zipline click here. You can also call 1.888.957.9794.

9 thoughts on “Adventure enthusiasts take note!

  1. omg! I did a zipline through the jungles of Costa Rica. It was rad. it was not face down though. That video is like you are literally flying. I just felt more like a little monkey in the jungle and an airplane. Will be interesting to see what Orlando can do 🙂

  2. @MLDina I’m sure the one here in Orlando is slower, and you probably land on a platform or something. Although a huge bubblewrap wall would be fun!

    @corrin Ha ha ha! The one in the video is very extreme; most of the other ziplines that I’ve seen have the rider seated.

  3. Whew… that made my heart pound! Now, where will your zip line run from and to? I don’t recall any mountains in Florida – just swamps and alligators – yikes – don’t dangle your feet…

    My kids bought me a zipline trip at Whistler Mountain, for my birthday, but we haven’t gone yet. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat but I WILL do it!

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