Where Will You Eat on Christmas Day?

This time last year I was hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, so Christmas Day lunch consisted of food from a Sonic drive-in along I-75, while Christmas dinner was spent at Bennigans.


Today, I saw Orlando Sentinel columnist Heather McPherson’s blog about Central Florida restaurants open on Christmas Day and thought it was worth repeating.

Thanks, Heather, for providing several options for those who might not have a traditional home-cooked meal lined up.

One thought on “Where Will You Eat on Christmas Day?

  1. I moved to Orlando just before Christmas (mid-November) 10 years ago. At the time my mother was living in Miami so she drove up, and we had Christmas dinner at one of the local hotels. It was a buffet, and probably one of the best Christmas meals I’ve ever had.

    Thanks to Heather for posting her list, and to klynn for linking to it! I’m sure there are some folks out there who will find it useful.

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