Get a “Sense” of Senso Supperclub in Downtown Orlando

Senso Supperclub

Food. Love. Music.

Three of my favorite words. Seriously. I love them all!  So needless to say I’m excited about this new place.

Last month I published a post about the closing of Zinc Bar in downtown Orlando. I had no idea what might be replacing it until user @Sulli left a comment in the post, saying the new club is called Senso. Apparently I should’ve already known that info; @Sulli offered to fill-us-in but I haven’t heard back. But that’s OK because I was able to find some information on my own.

SensoSupperclub.com is live and the venue is quickly changing. It seems as though the grand opening is a bit delayed, though, since their website says they’re opening on December 8th. According to both the site and a flyer I picked-up, there’s a plethora of DJs scheduled to apprear throughout the month. I hope the venue opens its doors soon! In the meantime, you can have updates e-mailed to you by signing-up for Senso’s newsletter — just scroll down to the bottom of the website’s homepage.

More info:

13 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone: 407.246.1755
Fax: 407.649.8774


UPDATE 12/28:

Well, it would seem if these guys are already open, they’re not all that stressed about good customer service. I sent an e-mail to the contact on their site well over a week ago, and still no response.

7 thoughts on “Get a “Sense” of Senso Supperclub in Downtown Orlando

  1. They may be open, but the owners are complete asses! Nicholas is an ego-maniacal prick! I highly recommend staying away from this place. Do you want to patronize a place and put money in the pocket of a person like this??!! I don’t. STAY AWAY FROM SENSO!!

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