More Local “Art” Found

I was near the downtown Orlando area yesterday afternoon and drove past some “graffiti artwork” I’ve noticed several times. I decided to stop and take some pictures, to share with our readers. You probably see stuff like this all the time but don’t even really realize it or think about it; I didn’t notice the artwork on the side of the Sam Flax on Colonial Drive for a long time.

Any idea where these are? I really like the artist’s self-promotion (MySpace address and phone number); you can find him at MySpace.com/ricgraffiti if you want to learn more.

DSCN4565 DSCN4563 DSCN4564


6 thoughts on “More Local “Art” Found

  1. No man I never try webdesings Im not good at all in computers,but with spray can Im a master,ahhhh,meet me at Mills(Pho88) this weekend if you can, Ric

  2. Thanks for your article, we are a couple of local graffiti writers,who want to change the way of how people think about graffiti,probaly we are gonna do somethink this next sunday 01/11/09 at Pho 88 restaurant Mills,thanks Ric

  3. @Kim It’s amazing the “art” I’ve been noticing around Central Florida since we started our blog. Truly some talented people….

    @Abigail Ding, ding, ding! You’re a winner. It’s actually the side of Pho 88 (yummy, if you’ve never eaten there).

  4. Those are on the side of a Viet or Thai resturant on Mills just past 50 if you are going towards Winter Park. Anyone should check them out they change pretty frequently for wall art.

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