How’s YOUR gas looking?

Revisiting a post klynn published about three months ago, I was wondering just how much gas prices at your neighborhood gas station have dropped. Earlier today I saw regular unleaded offered for $1.68 (regular unleaded) at the Hess station on Fairbanks (just off of I-4).


I’m definitely looking forward to seeing prices fall even more, but would love to know exactly where in Central Florida I can buy the cheapest gas.

6 thoughts on “How’s YOUR gas looking?

  1. @Kim $1.29?!?! Lord, I would love that. Let’s hope we get there soon!

    @Hojin Ha ha ha! Thanks for the info, although since I live in downtown Orlando it would make no sense for me to go to Kissimmee to get gas. I’ll make sure and let other folks know, though!

  2. I’m sure glad to see gas price coming down. It’s a lot less painful to fill up my boat… and by the way the cheapest gas is always in Kissimmee for some reason

  3. Wow, hard to believe that post was only a few months ago. $2.00 a gallon less makes a BIG difference. Hopefully we can catch up with Atlanta, my parents say gas is $1.29 there today!

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