Have your Holiday Spending Habits Changed?

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So, the economy’s in the toilet (I know, thanks, Captain Obvious). With the holidays lingering, I’m wondering if you’re making drastic changes to how you spend those precious bucks this year.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how retailers have responded. I get coupons every day, either in the mail or via e-mail, from practically every store I’ve ever shopped at. Retailers are going big, $15 off $35, $10 off with no minimum purchase, $50 off $150, etc.


I’ve noticed … those coupons are working. For family members with no specific gift requests, I’ve shuffled through the stacks of coupons wondering if I can find something they’d like while still saving a few dollars.

Do you have any money-saving strategies to share?

One thought on “Have your Holiday Spending Habits Changed?

  1. I think Orlando could be hitting an economic depression shortly. The hotel industry (the main employer) is getting hit very bad. As people get laid off by the thousands (already in timeshare) it will have huge impact on everyone in the area… If your spending habbits have not changed yet they most likely will have to.

    Susan White

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