Addicted to ChapStick!?

So, I recently discovered the goodness that is Medicated ChapStick. I realize I’m like a century behind the rest of the human race, but I’ve been busy with lipstick, gloss and lipliner for the past 15 years.


Then I jokingly mentioned to my boyfriend that I’m “addicted” to the stuff … I was only half kidding.

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For fun, I decided to Google ChapStick Addiction and was astonished to see there were pages and pages of conversation on this very silly subject.

If this little habit of mine gets any worse, I may seriously consider joining Lip Balm Anonymous.

5 thoughts on “Addicted to ChapStick!?

  1. Well, I’m definitely addicted but I’m not necessarily brand loyal. Actually, ChapStick is probably one of my least favorite; I’m a fan of Burt’s Bees (particularly since they don’t test on animals). I must have lip balm with me at all time though — I keep it in my pocket.

    You should do a social media experiment and create an “Addicted to ChapStick” group on Facebook and see how many people sign-up! LOL!

  2. My partner is totally addicted! She can’t sleept through the night without putting it back on 4-5 times during the night in her sleep! It’s ok until she runs out of the nice flavors and I have to smell the medicated ones.

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