A New Way for Central Florida to Go Green

I have the desire to be more “green.” I’ve yet to put that desire into motion with practice, but I’ll get there. (Hopefully you found some inspiration with Erin.) One thing I have done recently is use my bank’s “green” programs, which includes ordering a “green” debit card like the one I got today (of course, mine has an actual number on it…but you’re not getting it!): My bank rocks!


Actually, it’s a credit union. Fairwinds Federal Credit Union, and I’ve been banking with them for 10 years. They’ve recently launched various “green” programs that are aimed at helping preserve the environment around us. To check-these-out you can visit the Fairwinds site; I’m also listing them here.

* FAIRWINDS Online Banking. Hello?! 24/7 access to your account. This means you can check-on your money at any time, and don’t even have to have contact with anyone (sometimes a good thing).

* e-Statements. No more paper! Now that’s going green!

* Bill Payer. Pay your bills online. Not only is this going green but it’s also saving you money. Why wouldn’t you want that?

* Direct Deposit. This is certainly one of my faves. Can’t go wrong here.

* Automatic Payments. – Automatically have your payments (loans, gym dues, etc) deducted directly from your FAIRWINDS account. This is life made simple!

So why not join Fairwinds Federal Credit Union today? It’s totally free, and you only have to have a limited minimum to open-up an account.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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