Party with The B-52’s!

Music is an acquired taste, so to say the same thing about living legends The B-52’s is probably a big understatement. Fortunately for me, I acquired a taste for their music a long, long time ago; I was addicted after the release of “Cosmic Thing.” I’ve seen them perform multiple times and can honestly say they’re one of the greatest live bands I’ve experienced. And I’ll have the chance to see them one more time when they hit the House of Blues Orlando next February.

While it’s a bit of a drive out to the House of Blues, it’s a fantastic venue to see artists perform — there’s a great view of the stage from anywhere. Plus, if you’re into grabbing a drink or two at a show, the House of Blues has plenty of bars so there’s never too long of a wait.

Don’t remember The B-52’s too well?



Will I see there in February? You can purchase tickets here. But if you’re not up for paying to go to the show you can always enter to win two (2) free tickets over at Mix105.com.

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