Where Are You Doing Your Black Friday Shopping?

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If you’re out-and-about today–on Black Friday–doing your holiday shopping, I think you’re a little nuts. I don’t get near that stuff. However, if you are brave enough to fight the crowds you have plenty of options of where to buy; Central Florida has tons of shopping. Personally, I think you should consider staying local and supporting your neighborhood businesses (hello, didn’t you read my post earlier this week?) but if you insist on taking the route of convenience, where do you intend on doing your shopping?

5 thoughts on “Where Are You Doing Your Black Friday Shopping?

  1. I’m waiting to plan my “black Friday strategy” until I get my favoroite store’s ads emailed to me. I just signed up on BlackFriday.info. Pretty awesome, it’s free and they send you whichever store’s ads you want early. Once I know what my favorite stores are offering I’ll draw up a plan! I’m so excited!

  2. Hope you made it out ok from shopping this dangerous day. Last year I was almost scalped while reaching for a board game. A mother of 2 thought I was reaching for the last tickle me elmo doll. She was stocky and strong. I am lucky I made it out alive.

  3. @Karen ^..^ “…they are not always open when I am not working” I hadn’t really given this much thought, but it’s true. Really, we’re sometimes forced to shop somewhere simply because it is convenient — like being open! Good point.

  4. I absolutely agree. I stay far out of the fray on “Black Friday”

    I also try to support my local businesses whenever possible, but they are not always open when I am not working. That is a sad reality. So I am forced at times to go to Walmart, or Target.

    Great post!

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