Where to go when you have car problems?


Notice the title of this post is a questions? Well, while this image is not of me, I can almost guarantee my face had the same expression when I spoke with a mechanic earlier this morning.

See, I have what you call “bad car karma.” I seem to have had nothing but issues with my [paid-off] 1998 Chevrolet Malibu. Sure, it runs ok for the most part but over the years there have been consistent big-ticket items occurring with it…issues that I don’t think should be happening to a car in the condition mine’s in.

But that’s not the point of this post (note: I will not ever encourage or endorse Chevrolet; if they were smart company they’d be doing searches for folks talking about them, and contact me for some sort of resolution, but I don’t think that’s going to happen). I’d like to hear from other Central Florida residents who’ve had car problems: WHERE DO YOU GO?

I don’t trust these places like Firestone and Pep Boys, plus I prefer to support local business, but don’t know of any legit, local mechanics or garages in the Central Florida area.

Any advice or recommendations?

7 thoughts on “Where to go when you have car problems?

  1. I recomend Top Auto on Division & Kaley. I have used them several times over the years and have always been pleased with the work & better yet the price!

  2. Unfortunately, I can only tell you where not to go. So, don’t go to Fournier’s on Mills.

    There is a place I went to a couple years back, but I’d have to do some mega research to find the name–I’d def. recommend them, though.

  3. I use Certified Auto Electric. The owner is Faisel and he’s been my mechanic for 10 years now, since my very first car. He truly cares about me and the car I’m in, not about my money. He’s honest and trustworthy… I’ve gone other places out of stupidity, Tire Kingdom for example, who lied to me and told me xy and z needed replacing but when Faisel looked he said they were fine, and they actually were… He’s advised me in the best places to go for what I need… my car is rare, and if he can’t work on a certain issue, he tells me how to go about things to get it fixed. He gets to the bottom of the problem and keeps my cost minimal, doesn’t charge me for bs and he’s just about the only one I really trust to tell me the TRUTH… Mechanics are crooks these days, just want to take advantage of you and it’s sad.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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