Are you BOLD?



Pretty powerful words, huh? Well, you might not’ve heard of this Central Florida Artist Group before, mainly because the arts community in the Central Florida area is still on the uprise. But pay attention — this is certainly something you’ll want to know about.

So here’s the “official” word on Bold Hype:

ORLANDO, FL – October 29th, 2008 – Bold Hype, gallery and shop, brings the best artists from Central Florida together for a group art show called “SURROUNDED” from Nov 14th, 2008 till December 31st, 2008. Bold Hype’s goal is to, not only bring the best pop-surrealist and lowbrow art from around the world to Central Florida, but to also be a creative hub for the amazing talent that’s right here in the Orlando area.

The artists included in this exhibition are Cake, Dolla, Patrick Fatica, Dennis Hansbury, David Hoskins, Charles Marklin, Phil Noto, Johannah O’Donnell, Dustin Orlando, Scott Scheidly, Andrew Spear, and Pam Treadwell.

The opening reception is on November 14th, 6pm – 11pm. It will be at Bold Hype, 1844 East Winter Park Road, Orlando, FL 32803. For more information, please contact Jason Blanchard, 407.310.1409 or email: info[at]boldhype[dot]com.


I won’t be able to make it to the opening reception this weekend, but I’m hoping I can drag klynn out to view the exhibition one night, before it closes next month.

4 thoughts on “Are you BOLD?

  1. Bold Hype show was great. It is a really cool little shop with prints, t-shirts, jewelry, and other novelties too. My favorite local artist Patrick Fatica was among the mix; but I might be biased since he is my boyfriend. You should definitely check out this cool new gallery!

  2. @Kathryn Stelljes I’m bummed I can’t be at the opening for the event, but I definitely plan on going to the showing at some point before it closes. If you blog about it after you go, please tell us all about it.

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