What’s your story?

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Another Central Florida blogger–one I follow often–recently published a post on her blog, about the historic political action that took place earlier this week. Essentially, it’s a post begging an answer to the question, “Where were you?” Whether you’re happy with the outcome or not, you’ll certainly remember what you were doing…for the rest of your life.

The blogosphere is undoubtedly jammed with similar posts, and while it’s probably redundant for us to do the same here on “Pulse,” I would like to know where other Central Florida residents were when the new President of the United States was officially named in 2008, and what you were doing. I myself, had the luck of actually being in New York City (an epi-center for politics and media), watching the telecast at B Smith’s Restaurant with NYC residents.

Let us hear from you!

2 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. I was in my room getting ready for work doing a happy dance, then my husband said ” time for the White House to break out the watermelon” which is completely racist so I punched him in the stomach. I am very happy for this win and excited to see which environmental direction he takes us in!!! I’m still working on training my husband, it is only taking 9 years!!

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