A Little Press Never Hurt Anybody

Actually, a little press has helped our little blog out big-time! The post we published of the “Geezer/Dingbat” yard sign a couple of weeks ago started making its way ’round the Internet, and somehow got picked-up by AOL News. Here’s a screenshot:

Picture 20

Now, take a look at how this one little story impacted the traffic of our blog. I don’t want to give away any numbers, but I will say that with little marketing our blog gets a fair amount of daily traffic, but this link-in from AOL politics has given us our biggest day yet. And that’s today!

Picture 26

Just goes to show you never know exactly what readers are going to respond to.

2 thoughts on “A Little Press Never Hurt Anybody

  1. Thanks, @Mark Baratelli. klynn and I like to pride ourselves–and I hope it’s true–on the original, unique content we provide Central Florida residents. Sure…we write about stuff other folks do, but I believe it’s our personal perspectives and real writing that keep people coming back for more.

    Of course, we’re always open to suggestions for improvement!

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