A Tale about Central Florida

Most folks who know me or follow our blog, know I work for a social media marketing company. I love what I do, and my job and the environment I’m in everyday has helped me become very creative. Part of that is being involved with emerging technology; I get to see lots of things.

What I’m about to do is actually twice-borrowed (I did the same thing on our company’s blog earlier today), so yes…it’s unoriginal. But I thought I’d customize it for our little ‘ole blog here, to talk about life in Central Florida. Together we’re going to create a story about our Community. I’m going to start off with two words, Central Florida. You help create the story by adding two more words in the comments section of the post. The two words you add should be in response to the two left before it. They can be any two words you choose so who knows where the story will end up!

3…2…1…let’s go!

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