Opa Yourself To a New Dining Experience!

Sorry, in advance, for the long post but Taverna Opa at Point Orlando is one of the most unique, fun dining experiences I’ve ever had. I have to share everything with our readers.

I went there last night for something “different,” and I can honestly say it was far beyond what I’d expected…or even anticipated. In fact, I didn’t really know too much about the Taverna Opa other than what a friend had told me, and a blog post I’d read a while back.

Let me start by saying the food is delicious! But I also love Greek cuisine, which is what Opa specializes in. Off of the menu, I started with “flaming cheese” (yes, you heard me right!) and then lamb kabobs; my dinner companion enjoyed beef. This was all following the complimentary, mouth-watering bread and chickpea paste. I can taste it right now….

Hopefully this’ll give you an idea of what the food was like:

Bread w/chick-pea spread:

Flaming cheese:
Flaming Cheese Taverna Opa in Orlando

Lamb kabobs:
Lamb Kabobs at Taverna Opa in Orland

Now, while the food alone is certainly worth the trip to International Drive, it’s the in-house entertainment that makes the experience so memorable. I mean, patrons dance on the tables! Yes…dance on the tables. Don’t believe me?


After a while I got a tad disgusted by the fact that people were dancing on top of the tables, but then I realized this was happening after they finished-up their meals! Really, how could you care anyway if someone’s having this much fun?

Taverna Opa in Orlando
And if the dancing weren’t enough, every-now-and-then, the Opa staff would walk around the dining room throwing around napkins. I’m not fully sure I understand what cultural representation this has, but it’s festive nonetheless (although definitely not eco-friendly). It’s a bit dark and not the best quality, but I managed to capture some of the excitement on video:

I would most definitely recommend trying Taverna Opa at least once; it would be a great thing if you have friends or family in town visiting. Be aware, though, that the restaurant is VERY loud and not conducive to having conversation — honestly, by the time I was finished with my meal I was ready to leave.

There are a few things I think you should be aware of ahead of time if you plan on going to Tavera Opa:

1. There is a $25 minimum per person on the weekends. This is contrary to what their online information states. A little irritating but I was prepared to drop some money anyway. And note that this minimum does include adult beverages.
2. No reservations on the weekends after 6pm. There is a “wait” list, but I’m not really sure what the benefit of that is.
3. It’s at POINTE ORLANDO on International Drive. As Central Florida residents we all know this is a dreaded area, typically saturated with tourists who don’t really know where they’re going or what they’re doing.

* Major downfall: PARKING AT POINTE ORLANDO! It is such a mess, and everytime I go out there I remember why I go so infrequently.

Important information:

9101 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
T: 407.351.8660
F: 407.351.8661

Have fun visiting Taverna Opa, and let us hear about your experience!

11 thoughts on “Opa Yourself To a New Dining Experience!

  1. I was actually told to avoid this place by two separate people because of the $25/person minimum. Apparently they both ate here thinking they could get by with ordering off of the lower end of the menu, then ended up with a much higher bill…

  2. Taverna Opa and I have a history. I met my husband at the original one in Hollywood Beach, FL. I went in for food and came out with a mate for life! Darn that ouzo!

    Taverna Opa is a right of passage in my family. Crazy times! Dancing on tables is a part of the culture. Greeks are certainly different!

    It’s worth the trip out there. The stories and memories you will have of going to Taverna Opa will not be paralleled.

  3. This looks like so much fun!!! I will definitely check it out soon. You’re right about the “dreaded area”. I guess once in a while it’s ok to make an exception 🙂

  4. @klynn You could probably park at one of the nearby hotels, and just walk…truthfully! But you didn’t hear that from me. 🙂

    @Carri Great tip on the Universal cut. I should’ve included that recommendation — it’s the route I always take.

  5. I loved Taverna Opa and this makes me want to go back. For locals, you may want to come in by Universal Blvd. which runs parallel to I-Drive behind the Convention Center. You avoid a lot of traffic and you can access the Pointe Orlando garage from Universal Blvd. as well.

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