Can I buy your vote?

This isn’t really specifically related to life in the Central Florida area, but it is directed to my fellow residents. While on a business trip recently with a colleague of mine, an interesting question was posed to me:

“Would you accept $5,000 to vote against your political preference?”
Now, this offer is NOT coming from a candidate, but from another citizen.

Huh? Seriously? Would someone actually do this?

It got me thinking. I would like to think I would never accept such a bribe, but…then the stakes got raised to $225,000. In these crazy economic times, I got to wondering what other folks might do. Any potential legal issues aside, would you–could you ethically–take money to vote “the other way”? I would like to know….

9 thoughts on “Can I buy your vote?

  1. @Dina As co-author of this blog, I try to always remain middle-of-the-ground and not express my true opinions and feelings on…well, anything. But I have to say I agree with you — I’m not sure I could be paid for something as valuable as a vote, particularly in this election.

  2. I don’t think I could do it. When you look at the candidates now, for example, they have very different stances on major issues. How could I vote for someone who I completely don’t believe in, knowing they’ll waste billions on programs I don’t support. I know money talks, but it also changes tons of lives!

  3. Yes, I would, absolutely. In fact, if anyone would like to buy my vote now let akeorlando know.

    My preference is just that, my personal preference. It doesn’t make me right. It doesn’t mean that my preference is the better choice. It doesn’ t mean that the job that gets done will be substantially different either way, although it may be perceived and portrayed differently depending on the preference of the particular media involved in reporting it.

    I would rather pay attention to the job that’s being done rather than the person who does it and I don’t believe that WHAT politicians do varies that much, only HOW they do it.

    So, really, when you vote, what you’re really deciding is which dog & pony show you’d rather watch. And trading that for money seems like easy money to me.

  4. @Tina I know, right?! I really started thinking about what an interesting question it is.

    @Marisa I don’t think you should feel dirty. It is, though, a good gauge for yourself, about what you would or would not do if faced with certain circumstances.

  5. I want to believe that there is no way I’d take the money. I surely wouldn’t take $5000. But $225,000? I hate myself for this but I can’t say I’d turn it down. For a variety of reasons, that money sounds mighty good right now. Maybe I’d take it, maybe I wouldn’t. I honestly do not know.

    Shame on me. Shame Shame Shame. Now I feel really dirty.

  6. Wow! What a question! How much is my moral fiber worth? Can I put a dollar amount on my conscience? I don’t think I could. After all, I might have a chunk of cash but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself so what’s the use?

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