Free tickets to see Coldplay

“I love your wife!”

This is what my friend kept screaming at Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin when she was in the front row at Amway Arena, last time the British band was in town for a live show. Of course, we know she was referring to actress Gwenyth Paltrow; my friend had consumed a few adult beverages. It’s a great story, and now you, too, can have your own by entering Mix1051.com’s Coldplay contest.

You’d better enter soon, though, because not only is the concert coming up next month (November 7th), but I’ve already entered so that’s one less chance for YOU! You can enter by clicking here. As klynn briefly mentioned in her post about the release of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” album, we had a blast seeing them on their last tour, and it was by far one of the best concerts I’ve seen.

Do you have a favorite Coldplay song you’d love to hear performed live? One of mine is:

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