Dexter’s Winter Park: A sandwich artist’s delight

Sunday brunch. One of my favorite things to do during the week. It means it’s still the weekend, and there’s an entire day left ahead to do whatever you want.

I’ve explored many places throughout the Central Florida area for brunch (although I haven’t blogged about too many of them), and one of the consistent favorites is Dexter’s. I much more prefer the Winter Park location over the downtown location — I won’t go into detail but the downtown location had a little “health code” run-in a couple of years ago.

“So Dexter’s it is.” Today I felt more like having lunch than breakfast, and I decided to get creative and make my own sandwich. The components of my sandwich masterpiece?

– smoked turkey
– provolone cheese
– sprouts
– onions
– lettuce
– wheat bread

Pretty simple but oh-so-good:



The Dexter’s menu is quite different and consists of a wide variety of dishes. The brunch menu alone is worth the trip; you’ll go crazy over the flavored $2.95 mimosas!

In addition to the great food, Dexter’s also offers-up unique, art–that’s for sale–done by local artists. Here’s a sample of what you might find:

Have you ever been to Dexter’s in Winter Park…or downtown Orlando…for brunch? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

3 thoughts on “Dexter’s Winter Park: A sandwich artist’s delight

  1. @Alicia at BalancingMotherhood.com I hear ya. I would totally rather take company to the WP location over the downtown one. Plus it’s much easier to chat — there is something really odd about the acoustics in the downtown restaurant.

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