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Coffee with the [potential] President

I’m addicted to coffee. Well, addicted might be a bit of a strong word (I can function without it), but I do love mine’s coffee. Typically, on weekday mornings I bring coffee from home to the office but yesterday I made a pit-stop at a local 7-Eleven (yes, they have amazing coffee flavors!). When I went to select a cup you can imagine my surprise when I found this among my choices (below).

Now, I hadn’t heard anything about “7-Eleven” coffee cups being part of the Presidential campaign, and actually didn’t see one single John McCain cup in sight. Huh? Was this a strategic ploy by one of the employees? Or part of Mr. McCain’s plan to suspend his campaign? I decided to Google this mess but couldn’t find anything. Does anybody else know about this?

I suppose it’s just one more way Central Floridians can show their political pride.



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