Mowguli Bohannon

Remember “Tink” from last week? Well, Mowguli is Tink’s twin sibling, of course with the same story. Mowguli enjoys watching Tink make an idiot of herself (don’t all siblings?) with toys and hunting through the window, playing coy while trying to get some loving, jungle beats, and moths that get in the house.

Much more shy than Tink, Mowguli spends most days basking in the sun on the bed and looking mighty cute. Mowguli has as well had his brush with death when in 2002 he was taken to the vet by his grandmother who was kind enough to house them when she noticed he wasn’t feeling well, and it turned out he had a telecoped intestine which was blocking his bowel movement. Yuck! Sadly there wasn’t much the vet said you could do for it and it would probably be fatal. Boy was the vet wrong….

Mowguli has made an full recovery and is expected to live a full and happy life, and is quickly gaining on Tink for fatness!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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