Can we Change?

Never talk about Politics or Religion, that’s what they say, right?

I know I’m taking a leap here, but it’s hard not to talk about the upcoming election after last night’s campaign speech by Barack Obama accepting the Democratic nomination.

What’s been bothering me for some time now is not that Obama’s a Democrat (I’m not), but rather that his charisma makes me forget that I have no idea how he plans to “fix” the America we’ve become under George W.

Last night’s speech was no different. He’s a great speaker; he’s intelligent – and unlike Bush – intelligible, but I was left wondering not that Change is possible, but how it’s possible. We’re in deep, and yes, I’m a bit of a cynic, but I guess I’m still having a tough time comprehending how we’re going to fix the economy, offer health care to every American, pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe I just haven’t been listening, but I’m wondering what makes you support Obama? McCain?

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  1. Do you not think Obama’s passion alone, is the catalyst of change? Perhaps it’s his new energy and enthusiasm that will encourage the PEOPLE to be the ones who make the change. (At least, this is one argument I’ve heard from several people.)

    It’s a nice concept….

  2. Neither candidates’ speeches should be the basis for your vote in November. Likewise their commercials and other advertisements. The best way to make an informed decision is to review their records, compare the policies they have described on their respective websites, watch their debates, and review any and all other materials describing their potential candidacies.

    Here’s why I support Obama.

    1) He was never in favor of the Iraq war, but is committed to supporting our troops, completing their mission in Iraq, and prosecuting the true front on the war on terror in Afghanistan and (possibly) Pakistan.

    2) Obama supports gay rights, wants to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act (that in part bars federal employees from having same-sex benefits), repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and advocate state recognized civil unions/adoption rights for gay couples.

    3) Obama supports a larger tax cut for the middle and lower classes than McCain, while still rolling back the Bush tax cuts for upper class to work on paying back our national debt.

    4) While both Obama and McCain value greater conservation and environmentally protective policies than the current administration, I believe that Obama’s record demonstrates his willingness to challenge industry in the fight against waste, pollution, and the search for renewable sources of energy.

    5) Obama has a greater willingness to fund and support reform in education than Bush or McCain. Both Obama and Jill Biden have been or are currently educators, and should go a long way towards advocating for teachers.

    6) Obama has proposed a viable government health-care system that does not mandate everyone buy in, but still provides a government-subsidized plan for those whose employers do not currently provide one. His plan additionally offers money to small-businesses to help them provide health care for their employees, further lessening the number of uninsured.

    7) Obama’s technology plan supports network neutrality, whereas McCain’s plan does not. I do not believe a communications medium as significant as the Internet should be left solely to private industry to prioritize data and thus create an unfair marketplace and forum for business and ideas.

    8) Obama supports a woman’s right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy, whereas McCain does not. Obama does, however, want to work together with faith-based agencies to lessen the amount of abortions through providing crisis-pregnancy support.

    9) Though I highly respect McCain’s so-called maverick status within his party, I believe that Obama is more receptive to working with Republicans and incorporating their ideas than McCain would be with Democrats. I’m tired of our red vs. blue politics, and sincerely believe Obama would be more of a uniter than a divider.



  3. Check the candidates’ websites… Obama’s website is excellent, and has links to rather extensive PDF summaries of his policies at the bottom of most of the “issues” pages.

    McCain’s website is not quite so hot (presumably the hip young web designer demographic are far more likely to be Obama-ites), but has a reasonable overview of his platform.

    McCain worries me – seems too much like Bush’s third term – he promises business as usual for the rich/corporations and plenty of (expensive, risky, ultimately pointless) ass-kicking of any country who steps out of line.

    Obama seems to be more interested in making America a better place, more of a world citizen than a world policeman. McCain seems to retain the current administration’s neo-conservative viewpoint that America is the white-clad cowboy in a world full of Injuns that need to be kept in line, and everything else will take care of itself.

    America is at a crossroads right now – it needs a strong leader to maintain it’s competitive and economic edge in the world, the threat of terrorism is far less than the threat of permanently losing it’s economic, intellectual and cultural edge forever.

    Getting wrapped up in pointless wars and allowing the bottom half of the population to get sick (or go bankrupt curing themselves) are two huge issues where specifics are not really necessary to see that something needs to be done – one candidate is going to do something about it, the other is going to carry on with business as usual.

    That’s what makes me a supporter of Barack Obama.

  4. You must have slipped out to get something out of the fridge. A point by point plan was pretty clearly detailed.

    I vow that if McCain wins I’m leaving this country – and moving to Orlando.

  5. I was thinking the same thing. The more I listen to Obama speak the more I like him. But I can’t say why. I don’t know that there is any meat to what he is saying.

    My vote is still undecided I guess.

  6. Great speech ,if you live in some alternate universe, but it had nothing to do with reality,Democrats can’t or won’t deliver on any of it,Ol BO just wants the big house,plane,and parties.

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