Put a little Spice in your next meal!

Spice! The word’s got a little kick to it, huh? Maybe that’s what the owners of a downtown Orlando restaurant were hoping patrons would associate it with when they named it Spice. (Please note, there is a location at Lake Eola as well as on Park Avenue in Winter Park.)

Now, Spice is open for both lunch and dinner, but I’ve only ever been there during lunchtime.

Spice menu

While Spice is tagged as a “Modern Steakhouse” there are many options on the menu: salads, sandwiches, and steaks. I myself am quite fond of their Cobb Salad for a healthy lunch. It’s got a great blend of organics & taste! If you visit Spicesteakhouse.com and click on the “Menus” tab, you can find out what other great dishes both locations have to offer.

Spice's Cobb Salad

Regardless of whether you’re going to Spice for lunch or dinner, remember parking in downtown Orlando can sometimes be a little tricky. If needed, there’s always the parking garage located behind the Eola Wine Bar, just a block and across the street from the restaurant.

Interested in trying out Spice for yourself? Click here to learn more about their hours of operation, and more details about the venue.

407 E. Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801

Have you dined at either Spice location? If so we’d love to hear about your experience.

4 thoughts on “Put a little Spice in your next meal!

  1. @V Wow! Sounds like you had a rather poor experience at Spice. I’m sorry to hear about that. Maybe you were there on an off day? Although there should never be an “off” day at any business where customers are involved.

    I have been wanting to try Fifis for quite some time, so perhaps they’ll be next on my list. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hey Ashley!

    As you know, I literally live 23 steps from the downtown Spice restaurant and I’ve eaten there once- and only once! It was horrible and overpriced, for the quality of food. While it might suit some, I’m not a fan of brown, soggy lettuce, waitresses who ‘forgot [they] had somebody on this side!’ and pushy hostesses. It was a terrible experience for me, at least. ๐Ÿ™

    However, if you haven’t already, you should do a post about the restaurant called Fifi’s! It’s the best place for brunch, downtown. Here is the link: http://www.fifisorlando.com/

    There is nothing like mimosas on a late Sunday morning, followed by crepes with fruit and whipped cream, and some dessert. Yum!

  3. @Sean What a great story! Thanks for dropping by and sharing it with us and our readers.

    Also, I’m ashamed to say it wasn’t ’til after I published this post that I realized there is a location in Lake Mary.

  4. I had an interesting experience at the Spice location up here in Lake Mary.

    I, of the tender age of 14 at the time, went out with some friends to a back-to-school dinner at a local Asian fusion restaurant. It was good, and we were waiting for some parents to arrive – because this was pre-driver’s license and pre-cars.

    We sat down in one of the outdoor chairs outside of Spice, which we were unaware was part of the restaurant. Although we were stark broke, the waitress was incredibly kind to us and brought us dessert and drinks for nothing.

    This was great business, and although I’ve never dined at Spice, I’ve recommended it to family and friends for romantic dinners or even just a good steak.

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