Where do you get your weather news?

Remember that little storm that breezed hovered over the Central Florida area last week? Well, I was fortunate enough to miss most of it, since I was out-of-town on business (although I have a wonderful story about flying directly into the storm, on the way back home). However, I started wondering about where residents get their news and information from.

When you want to know what kind of weather to expect for the week ahead–or for information on hurricanes–what source do you depend on? Here are a few local resources to turn to:


Do you depend on other online sources for your weather news? Or do you simply check your local television station for the weather?

4 thoughts on “Where do you get your weather news?

  1. Luckily, for us downtownians, all we have to do is wander up to the jumbotron on Orange Avenue and Wall Street, where news 13 is located, for up-to-date news and weather. Very awesome, and right next to Subway.

    Eat Fresh! Catch News! Be Safe!

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