Where’d the Salad go?

In an attempt to eat the healthiest fast food available, I usually stick with Chick-fil-a. I don’t know if it passes for “healthy,” but my go-to is the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (plain) and a Side Salad.

Enter Exhibit A:

There wouldn’t really be anything to write about here except a few weeks ago I ordered said salad and I noticed, a.) the salad barely fills the tiny container it comes in, and b.) they raised the price $.54.

Look, I’m not cheap, but I can’t help feeling ripped off when you make something smaller while also raising the price.

What gives, Chick-fil-a??

3 thoughts on “Where’d the Salad go?

  1. That’s a bummer. Chick-fil-A is usually pretty good in terms of the quality of their food.

    And Mark…didn’t you see our post months-and-months ago, on Jason’s Deli? I think it was one of the first posts on our blog! We LOVE Jason’s Deli.

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