Kudzu: Another (potential) local resource


A strange word.

According to Dictionary.com, kudzu is a fast-growing Chinese and Japanese climbing vine, Pueraria lobata, of the legume family, now widespread in the southern U.S., having tuberous, starchy roots and stems: used for fiber, as food and forage, and to prevent soil erosion.” Growing up in the South kudzu is everywhere; I used to tell my friends it would be the perfect place to hide a body…if you were looking to get rid of it.

So how does this correlate to a website that has hyper-local content for city residents? I’ve yet to figure that one out, but here’s a little about Kudzu.com:

– Reviews and recommendations of local businesses by local residents like you
– Orlando is included in their list of services
– Easy url to remember: Orlando.kudzu.com
– Extensive category list including Auto Repair, Child Care, Doctors, Hair Salons, Restaurants and more
– Newsletter so you can receive local deals and bargains in your e-mail

One of the things about this site that I find most interesting, and that instigated this very post, is that I sawa a billboard for the site in Winter Park…on Fairbanks Road.

Kudzu billboard in Winter Park

Now, it’s not often you see outdoor advertising for a website (unless it’s tied to a large product such as Careerbuilder), particularly for a lesser known company or service like Kudzu.com. Apparently, though, they’re looking to grow their business in several markets, so why not register today and help them start populating some content? Now this is a site that sounds right up “Pulse’s” alley. Hmmm…maybe we can partner-up with them somehow….

Have you, by chance, seen one of these billboards in another area of town? If so, tell us where by leaving us a comment in this post.

2 thoughts on “Kudzu: Another (potential) local resource

  1. Kim:

    Yeah, I hear ya. I’m hoping this post will encourage some of our readers to start populating reviews. I’ve done a few myself; I do wish users could add their own venues.

    I also noticed many places don’t exist anymore, or have gone through re-brandings. Case-in-point: Central CityMarket (wasn’t that what it was called?). That hasn’t been around for quite some time.

  2. 1. I wish I’d gotten to this before they did.
    2. It would be a much better Web site if half the things I searched for actually had reviews posted … I don’t need another Web site that just lists names of places–Give me reviews!

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