One of the More Important Questions in Life…

Just another lunch in downtown Orlando.

Me? I like chicken, roast beef, green peppers, onions, and swiss cheese in mine. How about you?

What would you like in your pita?

4 thoughts on “One of the More Important Questions in Life…

  1. Hojin:

    You mean you’re not a patron of the pita pit? It’s one of my favorite places, but I’ve found that like Madonna…you either love it or you hate it! You’ll have to let us know what you think after trying the joint out.

  2. Veronique:

    The Downtowner is da bomb, and my personal fave. I try new things but always come back to the Downtowner! And I completely forgot they deliver — what a convenient service they offer. Do you know if it’s only in the nearby area? I see them leaving on bikes all the time, so I imagine they can’t venture out too far.

  3. i love the Pita Pit- I usually get the Downtowner.
    what’s really cool about the downtown pita pit is that they DELIVER!!!

    yayyyy for meals on wheels

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