Pet Pulse: Moomers Baratelli

Moomers Baratelli

Moomers is an extremely friendly, cuddly, loveable OBESE tabby cat once owned by the former artistic director of SAK, James Newport. Her daddy got to adopt her in 2005, from her previous owner, while at a party. There were several people sitting down on couches and chairs. This cat, out of nowhere, walks into the middle of the room and plops herself down on the rug. All the party-goers petted her and loved on her. It was love at first sight for her new daddy! The owner then says (a) he’s moving and (b) they can’t take the cat with them. Jackpot! Moomers had a new home!

She has her own Facebook page: http://apps.facebook.com/catbook/profile/view/648697. Please add her and leave her a message on her cat wall.

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