It’s Good to be a Renter in Central Florida

The Sentinel’s Mark Schlueb blogged today about the City of Orlando electing to raise Property Tax Rates from $4.9307 to $5.65, a 14.5 percent increase.

Public Hearings are scheduled for September 8 and September 15 before the tax increase becomes final.

Between the mortgage crisis in America and cities like Orlando passing their budgeting issues off on homeowners, it’s certainly good to be a renter.

3 thoughts on “It’s Good to be a Renter in Central Florida

  1. But, do you honestly think that homeowners won’t pass their expenses on to their renters? That is why tax increases like this are so detrimental to the lower-middle and middle classes – they end up paying for it in the end.

  2. klynn:

    Amen…and Amen! Quite I often I find myself thinking I should start considering buying some real estate, but then crap like this happens and I’m darn happy I don’t!

    Renters: hip-hip, hooray!

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