Tips on beating the Central Florida heat

Yesterday I worked in the yard. Someone else’s yard, no less; that’s the type of generous guy I am. And needless to say it was hot scorching. Probably not the wisest idea to be working outside during the hottest month of the year, during the hottest time of the day. Regardless, it got me thinking about ways we Central Floridians can “beat the heat.” And particularly if one is out working in the heat; these can pertain to any outdoor activity. Just my personal tips so if you have any of your own…by all means please share!

Here we go:

1. Drink plenty of liquids. Preferably water but liquids in general are acceptable. Remember, the more you sweat the more you need to put back in! Replenish, replenish, replenish.
2. Work with a partner. This may seem a bit silly, but having someone else around will be a gauge of how hot you’re getting. Not feeling well? Make sure and let your partner know.
3. Wear something light [colored]. Black, gray, or navy blue are not the wisest colors to wear when you’re in the beating sun. So try white or another light color that deflects the heat of the sun.
4. Get out in the sun early in the day. Anywhere from 11am-4pm is not the time to be in the sun.
5. Take AC breaks. You may feel like you’re being “weak” or not getting as much work done as you should, but releaving yourself from the heat of the day is key to not overheating or passing out!
6. Have a plan. Determine beforehand exactly what you want to accomplish, and stick to it. That way you’re working toward something, and aren’t staying out in the yard for the entire day.
7. Work in the shade, if possible. Any sort of cover you can have will benefit you. Try to remain out of the high-heat areas until earlier or later in the day. (See #4 above.)
8. Select a day that might have some cloud coverage. (Same reason as #7 above.) Check Weather.com or any of your local news stations for expected weather in your area.
9. Recruit some friends. The more the merrier, as they say! Of course, the more people you have working together the quicker you’ll be done with your project. (You can always tempt them by providing pizza and beer!)
10. Pay someone else to do it! Obviously this might not always be an option, but hey…if you can afford it, I say give the work to someone else!

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** I also put this in the category “Tourism & Travel” as I believe these are great tips for those visiting the Orlando area. **

2 thoughts on “Tips on beating the Central Florida heat

  1. Curley & Pynn:

    Gosh, yes! This is a very, very important tip while in the hot Florida sun! Unfortunately I don’t practice it as much as I should, but it’s crucial….

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