A Night Out on Washington Street

Last night, a friend and I headed down to Thornton Park for a couple of beverages. My friend suggested Dexter’s because they’re now staying open later and offering half-price liquor … enough said!


I’m no lush, but who wouldn’t enjoy a $3.13 Jack & Diet Coke after a long Saturday of errand-running and chores?

The bartenders were extremely friendly, even going so far as to introduce themselves … I can’t remember the last place someone did that, but I thought it was fantastic.

My favorite snack at Dexter’s are the Cha Cha Chips, but we ordered the Korean beef Bulgogi Skewers instead. They were pretty tasty, the perfect companion to the night’s drinks.

A night out on Washington Street wouldn’t be complete without a trip across the street to our favorite local bar, Burton’s. Burton’s doesn’t serve liquor, just beer and wine and if you’re lucky … freshly popped popcorn.

Next time you want to get away from the usual scene, give Dexter’s and Burton’s a try.

Dexter’s Thornton Park
808 Washington Street
Orlando, FL

801 Washington Street
Orlando, FL

3 thoughts on “A Night Out on Washington Street

  1. Thornton Park is full of neat little places to eat. However, nothing beats the NEWLY OPENED TIJUANA FLATS!!

    You have to do a post on that. It opened today on Summerlin and Central. Hurray for flautas!

  2. klynn:

    You know my feelings about the downtown location of Dexter’s, but we’ll leave that to another post! I do, however, love the Winter Park location. Surely, though, you can’t beat $3.00 for a Jack & Coke! Great deal.

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