Pet Pulse: Chloe Baker

Chloe BakerChloe is a four-month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (hey, just like previous “Pet Pulse” spotlight Guinness) that loves to chew, play and most importantly, sleep. She became a part of her family back in May of this year, when she and her siblings were found resting on the sidewalk in Winter Park. (What? She was just left alone in Winter Park?) She was simply too cute to leave behind.

As an AKC-registered puppy, her official name is “Blenheim Orange Blossom”. Blenheim is the name for the red-orange-brown color of the CKCS breed and the orange blossom is, of course, Florida’s state flower (the meaning of the name “Chloe” is “Verdant and Blooming”, too).

Most recently, Chloe has learned to swim in her grandmother’s pool. While she’s not one for swimming laps, she seems to enjoy the cool water on her belly. If nothing else, she loves to be outside and having freedom to run.

Chloe BakerHer family is really looking forward to some of the dog-friendly events that take place around town, especially “Paws in the Park” around Lake Eola. As a puppy that loves to be the center of attention, it will be interesting to see how she behaves when thousands of dogs are around.

Judging from her recent completion of puppy class at PetSmart, she’ll probably be happy to let all of the dogs play while she looks around for people willing to pet her.

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